The items on this page are original magic creations by John Graham. They are intended for sale to advanced magicians only.

The Examiner

PAUL HARRIS Presents John Graham THE EXAMINER The 100% Examinable Torn & Restored Newspaper! EXPERTS BAFFLED BY NEWSPAPER TEAR THAT'S 100% EXAMINABLE! STAGE AND STAND-UP PERFORMERS REJOICE OVER SUPER EASY 30 SECOND SET-UP / RESET WITH NORMAL NEWSPAPER! OPTION FOR NEWSPAPER TO BE EXAMINED BEFORE AND AFTER! Works with any normal newspaper. No Glues. No Wires. No Magnets. No palming or pulls. Nothing to ditch into pockets or clothing. Performer can mark with spectator's initials before the tear. No special clothing requirements. FEATURING PRECISION ENGINEERED MARK ALLEN GIMMICK. EXAMINE EVERYTHING WITH THE EXAMINER! $89.95

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